Declutter Home Checklist

We have put together this declutter home checklist to help you in the constant battle to declutter your home.

Imagine for a minute that your neighbor has just showed up at the door. You have just finished supper; dishes are all over the place because you allowed everyone to eat in the living room. The house is a mess and you feel that twinge of fear that she will notice the condition of your house.

Her eyes scan the room and then land squarely on you. What is she thinking? Why didn't I just figure out how to keep this house clean everyday? How?

The main rules on our checklist are-

· Put everything in its place- once

· Start with a small area first

· Get everyone involved in the declutter home checklist

Let's start with our first rule, put everything in its place once. What do we mean by that?

Well, imagine for a minute that you have just got home from work. That bundle of papers is put on the kitchen table. You pick up the mail and place it on the end table. Next, you decide to take a shower leaving your clothes on the bedroom floor and the towel in the bathroom. Do you see what is happening? That is how clutter is created.

You should touch an item only once. Put those papers in the office. Deal with the mail when you pick it up. Put your clothes in the laundry. It's simple and the only word you need to remember is – once! The declutter home checklist works when you begin with that word. Remember that procrastination will never get you what you want.

The next item on the list should be to concentrate on only a small area when you begin. If you can organize and declutter just a small portion of your home or office each day then you will have it all done in no time at all.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to set aside a certain amount of time for this task each day- say 20 to 30 minutes until you are done.

Put yourself in one room or one area and work at organizing only that one area. Set a timer and go in there with the single thought, put like things together. Shoes go with shoes, files go with files and magazines go with magazines. Stick with this idea in your mind and you will accomplish much in just a short time.

Set aside a certain time of day and make it a habit. Combine this with the first rule and your declutter home checklist will gradually gain you more time each day.

Lastly, you have to get everyone in the house involved in the project. If you fail at this point your checklist will become a heavy burden on one person in the household- the person cleaning up after the ones not listening or following instructions.

It does take some time for certain people but be patient and encouraging.

Want more information? Check the following website for more tips and tricks.

The Declutter Home Checklist [] is ready for you to put into action. There are lots more ways to begin organizing your home, find out more about the declutter home checklist.

Our family has been living off the grid since last year, and loving every minute of it. Clutter can ruin your day , your week and your life. Learning the declutter home checklist and sticking to it has really made a huge difference in our lives. It will transform yours too.

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